Nutritional Tips for Peak Performance

I have long stressed a holistic approach to elevating performance. Perhaps the most overlooked "area of influence" is that of performance nutrition.

Consider that what you eat and drink before and during a round can impact your game by several strokes or more--for a serious player it can give or take away the golf edge needed for a personal-best round or tournament win. Studies have shown that a properly fueled and hydrated body maintains coordination, concentration and energy better, especially in the hot and stressful situations common to golf.

Here are four nutritional tips that will enhance your performance.

1. Eat only a light snack in the 90 minutes before tee time. Excessive food in your digestive system diverts blood from your brain and working muscles.

2. Drink a pint of water each hour on the course--more in hot weather. Dehydration degrades coordination and performance. Period.

3. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages while you're playing. Both items affect fine motor control, and judgment, and increase dehydration.

4. Eat two healthy snacks as you play--one around the 4th hole and the other at the turn. A slow-release energy bar (like Balance bar) or a piece of fruit are ideal. Save the hot dogs, burgers, snack foods, and beer for after the round!

Bottomline: If you want to play better than the mass of golfers, you need to distinguish yourself from the masses in the ways you practice, think, and fuel your mind and body.

Lisa Ann Hörst is Lancaster, PA-based teaching pro. Her new book, Golf Training: The Secrets to Effective Practice and a Lower Score (Finally!), is being heralded as "the most comprehensive guide to better golf" available that will "positively transform your game."

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