I was born on August 25th in the small town Waverly, Pennsylvania. As a young child I became quite sick, and a failed kidney was removed. After beating this life-threatening illness, my parents instilled in me the belief that all other challenges in my life would be small in comparison.

A few years later, I took on the challenge of golf with my three brothers, and eventually won a spot on the boys' golf team in high school (which I co-captained in my senior year). During those formative years, I decided to never pass up a challenge or opportunity to try something new. So, while keeping my focus on golf, I also explored other sports like skiing, tennis, weight lifting, running and eventually rock climbing. Wow, did I learn a lot--sports offer the ultimate metaphors for life!

I attended Penn State University on a golf scholarship and won numerous amateur tournaments. As my interest in the subject of sports performance grew, I changed my major to kinesiology (the study of human movement) and took a series of wonderful courses on biomechanics, physiology, sports psychology and nutrition. What a stroke of luck--these classes helped me discover many "secrets" to golf performance that are unknown to the mass of golfers. After graduation, I decided that becoming a teaching professional would better suit my passion for a diverse lifestyle and allow me to teach my golf strategies to others, dabble in sports modeling, and explore entrepreneurial opportunities. I've now been an LPGA teaching pro for over fifteen years, and I'm happy to tell you that my book, Golf Training: The Secrets to Effective Practice and a Lower Score, was published in 2004.

While my recent focus has centered on teaching golf and my two sons (Cameron was born in 2000 and Jonathan in 2002), I still find time to write magazine articles, make public appearances and do charity work, take on the occasional sports modeling job, and go on rock climbing and camping trips with my family. Looking farther ahead, my goals include shooting a golf video and, of course, embracing whatever challenges that might appear!

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